Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Very Uneasy Case Against Remittances: An Ex Ante Perspective

Adam Feibelman (Tulane Law) has an interesting new piece on The Very Uneasy Case Against Remittances: An Ex Ante Perspective. I think that he is correct and not merely for the reasons that he states. The most recent empirical work I have seen seems to suggest that remittances are not helpful to the home country. Overall, the empirical literature is mixed and those law professors that champion the idea of remittances have not thought through the practical administration within the payment system very well.

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  1. Not helpful to the home country or the people within the country that receive them? I am not sure it is news that remittances offer both benefits and challenges - unclear to me what should be done? Regulating the ability of people to send money to their destitute family? Does this also suggest that there is no role for development aid - which could be seen as an organized/formalized kind of remmitance.