Sunday, May 9, 2010

Law and Development Review: Spexial Issue - New Voices from Emerging Powers - Brazil and India

This symposium looks interesting. I write looks because I am still grading finals so I do not have time to read it yet.

Law and Development review
Volume 3, Number 2 (2010)
Special Issue (2010): New Voices from Emerging Powers - Brazil and India

Bhupinder Chimni and David Trubek

Linking Promises to Policies: Law and Development in an Unequal Brazil5
Diogo R. Coutinho

The Persistence of Formalism: Towards a Situated Critique beyond the Classic Separation of Powers7
Jose R. Rodriguez

Development Bank, Law and Innovation Financing in a New Brazilian Economy9
Mario Schapiro

John Rawls' Justice as Fairness and the WTO: A Critical Analysis on the Initial Position of the Multilateral Agricultural Negotiation11
Rafael Rosa Cedro and Bruno Furtado Vieira

Turning Trips on Its Head: An "IP Cross Retaliation" Model for Developing Countries13
Shamnad Basheer

Exceptions and Limitations in Indian Copyright Law for Education: An Assessment15
Lawrence Liang

The Indian Competition Act: A Historical and Developmental Perspective17
Shiju Varghese Mazhuvanchery

Transit and Trade Barriers in South Asia: Multilateral Obligations and Development Perspective19
Prabir De

Stock Market and Shareholder Protection: Are They Important for Economic Growth?21
Francis Xavier Rathinam and A. V. Raja

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