Saturday, April 3, 2010

LLSV Revisited Symposium in the BYU Law Review

Volume 2009, no. 6

“Law and Finance”: Inaccurate, Incomplete, and Important
Ruth V. Aguilera and Cynthia A. Williams

Law and Financial Development: What We Are Learning from Time-Series Evidence
John Armour, Simon Deakin, Viviana Mollica, and Mathias Siems

Legal Regimes and Political Particularism: An Assessment of the “Legal Families” Theory from the Perspectives of Comparative Law and Political Economy
John W. Cioffi

Unpacking Adaptability
Andreas Engert and D. Gordon Smith

The Legal Origins Theory in Crisis
Lisa M. Fairfax

Legal Origins and the Tasks of Corporate Law in Economic Development: A Preliminary Exploration
John Ohnesorge

A "Law & Personal Finance" View of Legal Origins Theory
Karl S. Okamoto

Rethinking the "Law and Finance" Paradigm
Katharina Pistor

Legal Origins, Investor Protection, and Canada
Poonam Puri

Mixing-and-Matching Across (Legal) Family Lines
J. Mark Ramseyer

Competition Policy and Comparative Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises
D. Daniel Sokol

Contemporary Legal Transplants: Legal Families and the Diffusion of (Corporate) Law
Holger Spamann

Legal Origins, Functionalism, and the Future of Comparative Law
Christopher A. Whytock

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